Earn Money using ExMovies - Easy way to get some cash

 This is just a small blog post to share some earning methods to our website users. Just follow these steps, and you can earn some extra cash.

This Method is simple, you just have to shorten URLs and share them. So, whenever someone click on the URL, they will see 2 or 3 pages of Ads before reaching the destination link. And you will get paid for those views.

There are many URL shorteners on the internet, but most of them are Scams. In early days of ExMovies, we used GPLinks, which is a legit URL shortener. They pay up to 5$ per 1000 views.

You can use them, if you want to. Or, you can try TNY URL shortener. They pay 3$ for 1000 views for Indian traffic.

GPLinks shorten links are very hard to open, so you should ignore them. Cause most users won't be able to go to the final link. But, you can try TNY shortener.

Now, what URL will you short and share where?

You can shorten download links of movies and web series and share them on different groups. Also, you can shorten video links of ExMovies videos, and share them on HottiesX sub reddit.

Just take a screenshot of the video scene, upload the screenshot in Imgur.com, then share the image on HottiesX reddit. And in the comment, add the shorten download link.

This way you can some money easily.